Please read these terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) carefully. When using the address https://deskeep.app and all services contained therein, users (hereinafter referred to as “Client”) must agree with the conditions and terms of the website, hereinafter referred to as “Deskeep” or “Store”. Please note that refusing these Terms will prevent the Customer from placing orders for products and services on our platform.

These Terms regulate the use of the service offered by DESKEEP INTERMEDIACAO DE SERVICOS PELA INTERNET LTDA ("Deskeep"), CNPJ no. 36.082.483/0001-68, to its users, that is, selling phycical products over the internet, considering the customer's interest in purchasing the products offered by the Store in its sales channels. The purpose of these Terms is to establish the general conditions for the use and purchase of products and services by the Customer on the Store website.


1.1. Confidentiality: it is the Store's responsibility to preserve, through storage on servers or any other high-security magnetic means, the confidentiality of all information provided by Customers, as well as relative values arising from the operation of the services provided for in these Terms. However, the store will not be responsible for repairing losses that may arise from the seizure and co-option of data by third parties who, by breaking security systems, are able to access this information.

1.2. Delivery policy: the deadline for delivery of Products is informed during the purchase procedure, calculated in business days. Product deliveries are made from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 10pm. Exceptionally, some deliveries of Products may occur on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

1.3. Checking the adequacy of the product's dimensions is the responsibility of the Customer, who must ensure that these are in accordance with the spatial limits of the elevators, doors and corridors at the delivery location. There will be no assembly or disassembly of the product, transport via stairs and/or doors and windows, or lifting of products.

1.4. Up to three delivery attempts will be made to the specified location, on alternate days, with an interval of up to 48 hours between one delivery and another. It is essential that, at the requested address, there is a person authorized by the buyer, over 18 years old, and carrying an identification document to receive the merchandise and sign the delivery protocol. If there are three unsuccessful delivery attempts, the order will be returned to the STORE's Distribution Center.

1.5. After completing the order, it is not possible to change the payment method and/or delivery address, request an advance or even delivery priority.

1.6. The delivery time informed during the Product purchase procedure takes into account stock, region, and product preparation time. With each update on the order's delivery status, the Store's system will automatically send alert emails to the Customer.

1.7. The delivery shipping cost is calculated based on the delivery location, weight and dimensions of the Product.

1.8. The Store does not authorize the carrier to enter the Customer's home, deliver by alternative means (e.g., lifting through a balcony or window), carry out product installation or maintenance, open the product's packaging, deliver to an address other than that stated in the order and deliver to minors or those without identification documents.

1.9. The Store is not responsible for the retention of goods when this is due exclusively to the customer's pending issues, and it is therefore necessary for them to attend the tax office for the goods to be released, bearing in mind that in these cases information relating to releases and payments only are passed on to interested parties.


The terms governing the Affiliate Program can be accessed by clicking here.


This Term may, at any time, have its content, or part of it, modified for adjustments and insertions, all with a view to improving the services available.

The new conditions will come into force after they are published on the website loja.deskeep.com, and the Customer may express opposition to any of the modified terms, as long as they do so in writing, through the website loja.deskeep.com, which may generate canceling your registration.

To establish contact between Deskeep and Customers, the email address support@deskeep.app is made available, and the Customer is also obliged to provide a current email address through which communications sent to them by Deskeep will be made, from thus lending legal validity and effectiveness to this electronic means of exchanging reciprocal information. The customer uses this service to resolve their doubts, resolve any requests or complaints regarding their order or any content available on the website. Service can also be provided using a form on the website.


The Customer declares to have read, understood and accepts all the rules, conditions and obligations established in this Term.


The parties elect as competent, to resolve any controversies that may arise from the interpretation and compliance with this Agreement, the court of the District of Vitória - ES.

Last updated: August 19, 2021.